Logo_wordpressWe are about to combine two production plants into one. In one of them we´re gonna raise the whole roof from 3 meters to 5 meters, insert windows facing north and take down the wall that separates the two spaces. To get an accurate preview on how this would look I needed someone who could come up with an illustration quickly. At first I thought it had be someone nearby, that would come and look at our buildings. I searched the web and found C-tre. I then realized that geographical distance wasn´t a problem, we could solve this anyway! So I started taking photos of our facilities. We agreed on the time schedule and after a couple of days I had the first draft, a few days later I got the full delivery. We´ve had a lot of use from the illustration internally and works as a decision making material on how we´re gonna mount the ceiling. It was easy to work with C-tre!

Hans Gustavsson
Project manager at Camfil, Trosa

Svart_utan_webWe first worked with C-tre when we had big plans for reconstructing the exterior on our buildings and needed someone that could visualize the final result, on a tight schedule without losing quality. We were surprised by C-tre´s great skills and effectiveness. This has led to further cooperation with C-tre as a partner. I highly recommend them!

Lars Sundin
Owner at Rackstad Bil & Delar, Arvika


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